What is ThermiVa™?

ThermiVa™ is a revolutionary, nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation treatment that is painless with no downtime. ThermiVa™ is the first and only temperature-controlled treatment that effectively uses radiofrequency energy to tighten both the external labia and the internal vaginal canal. By using controlled radiofrequency energy, it causes the vulvovaginal tissue to become tighter by increasing blood flow and increasing collagen synthesis. Through the process of thermal neurogenesis, it restores nerve signaling in the vulvovaginal region which improves sensitivity and vaginal lubrication. Typically, patients will require three separate ThermiVa™ treatments, carried out in three to four weeks intervals. Most patients experience improvement in symptoms after a single treatment. ThermiVa™’s effects last upwards of 9–12 months, and repeat treatments, if desired, are safe and effective.

Who is a candidate for ThermiVa™?

If you have any of the following symptoms, you may be a candidate for ThermiVa™.

  • Vaginal laxity/ looseness in the vaginal area following childbirth and/or menopause
  • Labia majora laxity, or “deflated” appearance to the external genitalia.
  • Atrophic vulvovaginitis/ Vaginal dryness during intercourse
  • Mild to moderate pelvic prolapse: descent of pelvic organs (e.g. bladder/rectum)
  • Sexual dysfunction and orgasmic problems
  • Stress incontinence or leakage of urine during cough/ sneeze/ exercise


What are the benefits of ThermiVa™ treatment?

  • Improved vaginal tightness: ThermiVa™ tightens the entire vulvovaginal region starting at the external labia and the entire length of the vaginal canal. The improvement in tightness is noticeable to the patient and her partner.
  • Improved appearance of labia: improves appearance of the external genitalia by tightening and smoothing the skin in that area
  • Increased vaginal lubrication: ThermiVa™ helps relieve dryness by increasing blood flow, restoring nerve signaling and improving lubrication without hormone treatment.
  • Improved sexual function: ThermiVa™ Improves sexual satisfaction for both women and their parnter by increasing orgasm sensitivity and strengthening muscular contractions.
  • Decreased stress incontinence: ThermiVa™ helps with mild to moderate stress incontinence by strengthening pelvic musculature and help reduce leakage or accidents


How long does each ThermiVa™ treatment take?

The treatment usually takes about 30 minutes.

Is ThermiVa™ painful?

No, the treatment feels like a warm massage with no pain during or after the treatment.

Is there any downtime after a ThermiVa™ treatment?

There is absolutely no downtime after the treatment. Women can immediately return to their normal activities and resume sexual activity even on the same day. There is no discharge, and no discomfort after the treatment.

How many ThermiVa™ treatments are required?

The protocol is a three-treatment series, each treatment about one month apart. However, majority of patients see the results even after only one treatment.

How long does the effect of a ThermiVa™ treatment last?

The effects of the treatment last approximately 9–12 months. Maintenance treatments are recommended once or twice a year after the initial series to maintain optimal results.

Is ThermiVa™ safe?

A single use, disposable hand piece is used at every treatment, ensuring no risk of transmission of infections. ThermiVa is very safe with no recorded adverse effects.  No burns, blisters, infections, organ or nerve damage have been reported in thousands of treatments.

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