What is Wave Lift?

Wave lift procedure is a procedure that we have designed, to address the early signs of age in the midface/lower face region without a formal face lift scar and recovery.  It has been our experience, that with the exception of the face lift procedure (which is the gold standard), there have been numerous procedures and machines that promised a truly rejuvenated results that have all ended with disappointments.  Thread lift is a good example of this disappointing result.  At Wave Plastic Surgery, through our extensive experience with our face lift procedures, we have developed a truly minimal incision, minimal downtime procedure that gives a natural and definitive rejuvenation of the mid and lower face.  The surgery can be done under local/ IV sedation/or general anesthesia, depending on patient’s preference.  The incision is minimized to the temporal/upper aspect of the groove on the ear.  The skin and muscle is dissected and utilizing our natural retaining ligaments as a carrier, strategic sutures are placed to elevate the skin/SMAS.  Areas of particular attention are the nasolabial fold and jowls.

Surgery Footage:

Wave Lift In-Depth:

Wave Lift Vs. Regular Face Lift

The incision sutures are all dissolvable so there is no need to remove the sutures.  Average recovery time is one week and the longevity is up to 5 years.  To summarize,

  1. Minimal incision procedure to rejuvenate the face
  2. Usual operative time is 1 hour
  3. Can be performed under local anesthesia
  4. No sutures to remove
  5. Recovery period of 1 week
  6. Persistent effect up to 5 years