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Flash Lift in Los Angeles

Flash Lift in Los Angeles offers patients instant results with no incisions, no scars and no downtime! One of the distinguishing advantages of Wave Plastic Surgery is our ability to customize and tailor both surgical and nonsurgical procedures to the anatomy and cosmetic goals of our broad patient population. Obviously, someone in their mid-sixties contemplating a panfacial rejuvenative surgery has different needs than a working professional in their mid-forties, looking for a quick procedure to make themselves look just a bit more youthful and energetic. A Flash Lift can do exactly that, as this is an effective procedure with a quicker recovery than most other surgeries.

For this latter group of patients, Wave Plastic Surgery is proud to introduce its revolutionary new FLASH LIFT. The Flash Lift in Los Angeles is a minimally invasive facial rejuvenation procedure that can be performed outside of an operating room, and without general anesthesia. It involves the strategic placement of high tensile strength molded barbed sutures through inconspicuous needle tracts in the scalp to lift the soft tissues of the midface.

The barbs required for the Flash Lift in Los Angeles are distributed 360 degrees around the circumference of the suture to maximize the even distribution of tension along its length. The sutures are placed in a proprietary customized fashion for each patient, based on the quality of his/her skin and soft tissues, and the degree and direction of elevation required.

These sutures are placed through the deepest layers of the skin, traversing the subcutaneous fat, and engaging portions of the SMAS tissues that provide the anchoring support for Wave’s famous extended SMAS biplanar facelifts. The dimpling of the skin often associated with thread lifts has been almost completely eliminated using our new Flash Lift technique.

Furthermore, the barbed sutures used in the Flash Lift, while having far greater strength than the sutures used in traditional thread lifts, are completely biodegradable, slowly disappearing as new collagen production and wound healing lock the Flash Lift in place with the patient’s own tissues. The Flash Lift also pairs well with simultaneous adjunctive procedures like fat transfer and Sculptra, to add rejuvenating volume to the newly elevated soft tissues, synergistically amplifying the procedure’s aesthetic effect.

Benefits of the Flash Lift in Los Angeles

The Flash Lift can be performed on a patient with only a mild oral sedative like a single pill of Valium or Xanax and some precisely injected local anesthesia placed along the designated route of the threads. The entire procedure can be performed within approximately thirty minutes, and the results are immediately visible. The Flash Lift is popular among those in the know as it provides such quick results with no inconvenient downtime. Best of all, postoperative recovery is fast and quite comfortable, with most patients not requiring anything more than oral Tylenol for the first 48 hours after the procedure, and most being able to return to work, or their usual daily activities within that time.

So now you understand why Wave has named its revolutionary minimally invasive facelift The Flash Lift. It’s not just because the procedure itself is so quick; it’s because the patients themselves see the results and return to work…in a FLASH. Find out more about the Flash Lift and what it can do for you by scheduling a consultation at Wave Plastic Surgery.

Quick Points:

  • No scars!
  • No incisions!
  • Minimal to No downtime!
  • Quick / Instant Results!

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