Liposuction vs. SmartLipo

Which is Right for You? Liposuction vs. SmartLipo

At Wave Plastic Surgery, our team of experienced cosmetic surgeons is dedicated to enhancing your inner beauty. We have an extremely professional and friendly staff, provide free consultations, and have 4 convenient locations in the Los Angeles area. Are you interested in learning more about what the pros and cons when it comes to liposuction vs. SmartLipo? Our amazing plastic surgeons are here to help by answering all of your questions and ensuring that you find the procedure that is right for you.

Are you considering liposuction? Does it seem like no matter how hard or how often you exercise you just can’t seem to get rid of that ever-present “pouch” or “love handles”? Do you watch what you eat and maintain a healthy diet but still suffer from arm flab or thick thighs? Sometimes liposuction can be the best option for those that desire the best body that they have always wanted. Additionally, it is up to you to research whether liposuction vs. SmartLipo and make the important decision as to which cosmetic procedure is best for you.

Though many people have heard the term “Liposuction” and are familiar with it due to the way in which it made its way into popular culture and media- not everyone can explain exactly what this procedure entails. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, liposuction, often referred to as “lipo,” helps slim and reshape specific areas of a patient’s body by getting rid of excess fat. Lipo helps improve body contours and proportions and can especially be an effective way to reduce localized fat deposits on the: thighs, hips, buttocks, abdomen, waist, upper arms, back, inner knee, chest area, cheeks, chin, neck, calves, ankles and more.

Are You Considering Liposuction vs. SmartLipo?

If you are thinking that liposuction seems like a great option for you to achieve your body and beauty goals, then you are correct. Liposuction is quite a popular cosmetic procedure that our plastic surgeons at Wave Plastic Surgery have lots of experience performing. However, SmartLipo is another innovative procedure that more and more patients are trying. So, what is SmartLipo? SmartLipo is often referred to as “laser liposuction” because it involves a high intensity laser and is capable of similar, high-quality results. SmartLipo makes use of laser energy to liquefy fat before it is removed from the patient’s body through a small “cannula” tube. Many patients wonder about Liposuction vs. SmartLipo and which surgical operation is better for them-that is when a doctor, like the friendly professional surgeons at Wave Plastic Surgery, can help you figure out which surgery will get you your desired results.

Wave Plastic Surgery offers a range of surgical and non-surgical services. When it comes to Liposuction vs. SmartLipo you can pair your plastic surgery with any procedure from our range of breast, body, and face procedures. SmartLipo Triplex is a non-surgical procedure that uses ultrasound technology and energy to enhance skin tightening and fat liquefying benefits to the traditional form of liposuction. To learn more about Wave Plastic Surgery and which cosmetic procedure, liposuction vs. SmartLipo, is best for you please visit our website or call 213-383-4800.