Non-Surgical Collagen Filler in Los Angeles

Age comes with many perks: maturity, experience, wisdom, the list goes on. However, one of the not-so-glorious things about aging are those lines and wrinkles that begin taking over your once smooth and taut skin. Bellafill is a non-surgical collagen filler that can help to diminish the appearance of the signs of aging so that you may enjoy the golden years of life. If those smile lines have been bringing you down, our talented plastic surgeons can give you the rejuvenating effect you want with Bellafill.

How Does Bellafill Work?

Different from other dermal fillers, Bellafill is made with microsphere-enhanced collagen to help give patients the most out of their treatment. While other filler materials are quickly absorbed by your body, Bellafill is intended to provide longer-lasting results. The collagen microspheres replenish volume and provide the structural support that your face needs.

We use Bellafill in Los Angeles and Irvine to correct problems with smile lines, or nasolabial folds. However, not everyone is right for treatment with Bellafill. We will perform a skin test prior to your treatment to see if Bellafill is a safe option for you. Those who experience an allergic reaction may be best suited for an alternative option such as Juvéderm or Belotero.

How Long Will it Take to Recover from Bellafill ?

Because Bellafill is administered through a non-surgical injection, you will likely be able to return to your normal routine immediately after your 30 minute treatment. Minor side effects such as redness or discomfort may occur, but these should fade away after one or two days. If you experience continued discomfort, please give us a call.

Bellafill is designed to achieve long-lasting full maintenance of your wrinkles. It can be supplemented with other non-surgical injectables and fillers to treat signs of aging throughout the face.

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