Stubborn, hard-to-lose fat is a problem for millions of Americans.

Many men and women struggle with problem fat, even when they go to the gym regularly and eat healthy. It can reside on your body in the form of love-handles or a muffin top, a double chin, belly bulge, and more. There are thousands of products that claim to help men and women burn away their problem fat, but many of these shakes, bars, and other nutritional products don’t have the science to even back their ability to help you lose the stubborn fat. At Wave Plastic Surgery, we offer our patients MediEssence™, a proven system designed to help you lose the problem fat and achieve your ideal shape and weight.

How Does MediEssence™ Work?

We developed MediEssence to provide our patients with an answer to deeper, visceral fat that can’t always be fully treated with surgical procedures such as liposuction or a tummy tuck. While these surgeries can dramatically change your shape, you may still have the desire to push your goals even further—maybe to go for those six pack abs or reach a lower body fat percentage.

The MediEssence program is a turn-key system that involves diet drops, diet pills, and a protein supplement shake (a powder that comes in chocolate or vanilla flavors) —all designed to help you reach your goal weight and size by targeting these deeper pockets of visceral fat. MediEssence has helped many of our patients achieve incremental weight loss in a fairly short period of time.

We may recommend using MediEssence following your body contouring procedure, but it can also be used on its own if you are already at a healthy size and weight. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important to maintaining long-lasting results.

Los Angeles Weight Loss

If you’re interested in pursuing your fat loss goals with a proven program that actually works, contact our practice to find out more about MediEssence. Our Los Angeles plastic surgeons can help you to achieve your body goals in a safe, effective, and healthy manner.


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