The Powerstar system is the latest breakthrough in both noninvasive body contouring and noninvasive skin tightening and lifting. Its innovation is in simultaneously harnessing three different technologies to rejuvenate and shape the body.

First, the High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) transducer precisely concentrates a large density of low frequency ultrasound waves in the treated area. This rapid succession of waves creates discrete bubbles in the fatty tissue that then rapidly collapse or implode, producing a “shock wave” that breaks up any fat and cellulite that lies in its path. This process is called non-inertial cavitation.

Once the fatty tissue is broken up by cavitation, it is removed from the area by the lymphatic system. The drainage of these destroyed fat particles is then assisted and accelerated by the special vacuum head of the Powerstar system, which mechanically drives them through the lymphatics.

Now, as the remains of the exploded fat cells are carried away from the treatment area by the lymphatic system, the radio frequency handpiece directs high energy radio waves into the tissues of the dermis. This radio frequency energy heats the skin to 40 degrees centigrade, a temperature at which conformational changes in the structural collagen and elastin fibers of the dermis result in tightening of the skin, allowing it to reconform to the new contour created by the destruction of the fat cells by HIFU, without any of the loose skin that would ordinarily be left behind.

Best of all, the Powerstar treatment can be performed without anesthesia, pain medications, or post-procedure recovery and downtime. There are numerous devices that individually use radio frequency energy treatments and vacuum therapy , but it is the precise integration of these technologies with the with breakthrough technique of HIFU that makes Powerstar such a revolutionary advance in noninvasive body sculpting and skin tightening.