Valmont Cosmetics is a truly unique luxury skincare brand born in Switzerland. Only a handful of the most elite plastic surgeon practices and luxury boutique skincare retailers are licensed to sell Valmont Cosmetics products and provide Valmont facials. We are honored to be among them. By utilizing the finest, and in many cases rare ingredients, Valmont Cosmetics has created a range of products that are skin changing – and, perhaps life changing!

There are 5 Valmont Facials available based on your skin’s unique needs. Each one uses Valmont products that work together in perfect harmony to improve your skin, whether you are targeting a specific issue or simply want a luxury facial experience.

Valmont Source of Bisses (Hydration Ritual)

Bathe your skin in deep hydration with this highly moisturizing facial. Even the most dehydrated skin will be quenched. We use a combination of highly rich and velvety Valmont products to make the skin hydrated, calmed and glowing.

Valmont Vitality of the Glaciers (Energy Ritual)

Breathe life into dull, tired skin. This lavish facial targets skin that carries signs of stress and fatigue brought on by a busy lifestyle. The products used to oxygenate and detox the skin, creating a plump, revitalized and completely refreshed appearance – the way your skin would look after a week of relaxation and great sleep.

Valmont Snow Bright Treatment (Radiance Ritual)

This illuminating facial targets discoloration and uneven skin tone to restore a unified and glowing complexion. The skin texture is improved by combatting dullness and signs of aging. After the facial, you will notice your skin is bright, even and radiant. Expect more no-makeup days for weeks afterward.

Valmont Peaks of Firmness (Anti Wrinkle and Firmness Ritual)

Witness fine lines and wrinkles diminish after receiving this intensive anti-aging facial. Ingredients in the products work together to fill in creases and plump up skin that has lost volume caused by aging. Expect your skin to look more firm, volumized and youthful.

Valmont Snow White Infinity (Radiance and Whitening Ritual)

Dull skin can appear greying and lifeless. Combat these symptoms and restore your skin back to its former complexion. This facial is a breath of fresh air for skin that has been dulled by age, pollution, and stress. Skin will appear fresh and vibrant.