Scar Treatment in Los Angeles

The mere act of living life comes with its ups and downs. Unfortunately, some of the things that happen to us throughout life end up sticking around in the form of a scar. Whether it’s from an injury, disease or a past surgery, a visible scar can often lead to self-consciousness, or even act as a painful reminder of an event you’d rather forget.

Scar revision can help to dramatically erase the visibility of your scars. Our experienced cosmetic surgeons are trained in carefully observing your skin and the condition of your scar in order to determine which treatment type will work best for you.

How Are Scars Treated?

Because each scar is extremely different, from old sports injuries to the scars left from surgery or acne, we make sure to treat each case entirely unique. We will take a look at your scar, determine its condition, and come up with possible treatment plans to help make your scars disappear.

Different types of scars or irregularities include:

  • Discoloration and minor surface abnormalities (acne scars, minor post-surgical incisions)
  • Hypertrophic scars (are often red in color and can be raised)
  • Keloids (areas of red, raised skin that are typically bigger than hypertrophic scars and can cause pain or discomfort)
  • Contracture (a scar that can cause restricted movement, often result after a burn injury)

There are various methods that can be used for scar revision. After analyzing your scar, one of our doctors will recommend one of the following approaches:

  • A non-invasive, topical treatment consisting of gels and other medications
  • Minimally invasive treatments such as laser therapy
  • Revision with surgery in cases of more severe scarring

The goal of your scar revision is to reduce visibility by having it blend better with the skin around it. While treatment can dramatically improve the appearance of a scar, it is important to have realistic expectations about your procedure. A scar cannot be completely erased, however, we can treat it to the point where it is barely noticeable.

Begin Your Scar Revision in LA

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