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Asian Double Eyelid Surgery | WAVE Plastic Surgery Los Angeles
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Asian double eyelid surgery (also known as Asian Blepharoplasty) is one of the most common procedures that we perform at WAVE in our Los Angeles plastic surgery center. Patients of all ages and ethnic backgrounds may be good candidates for traditional upper eyelid surgery, but the technique and approach will be different for each patient. It is very important to have a plastic surgery consultation to determine the best technique for you. Our plastic surgeons at Wave Plastic Surgery are specialists in Asian double eyelid surgery. With a growing Asian American community in Southern California, this has been one of our most highly sought after plastic surgery procedures. Each one of our plastic surgeons have years of combined experience in helping Asian men and women to achieve their aesthetic goals.

Is Double Eyelid Surgery Right for You?

Asian Double Eyelid Surgery, aka Blepharoplasty is the most popular of all facial cosmetic surgeries performed on patients of Asian descent. We believe that there are several aspects of upper eyelid surgery for younger patients to consider when determining if they are right for this procedure. Some of these determining factors include:

  • The pretarsal show, that is the size of the supratarsal show, should not be greater than 3mm – anything greater than this size can cause the upper eyelid to appear heavy and/or puffy.
  • The supratarsal fold should be crisp, but not too deep. Surgery in this case may result in an unnatural appearance.
  • The fat resection should be very conservative. Over resection of fat can lead to a sunken in look of the upper lid.
  • The outer edge of the fold should taper off gradually and not turn downward abruptly.
  • In people with mild ptosis, plication of the levator muscle can open the eyes more.

How Does Asian Double Eyelid Surgery Work?

The goal of this specialized upper Blepharoplasty procedure is not necessarily to make the eyes appear more youthful as with traditional eyelid surgery, but rather to accentuate the eyes. This procedure is performed by making a discrete incision along the upper eyelid and manipulating the skin and underlying tissues to form the crease. Your Asian double eyelid surgery can be safely done under IV sedation and local anesthetic to help make you remain comfortable, but also awake enough to cooperate during your surgery to determine the desired outcome of the upper eyelid fold. This is the best way for our plastic surgeons to make sure that the shape and size of your eyes remain symmetrical.



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If you have been wanting a change in the look of your eyes, you may be a good candidate for our popular Asian Blepharoplasty procedure. Not all plastic surgeons are trained in this specific form of eyelid surgery, and going to an inexperienced practice can result in a look far different than what you had wanted. Our doctors all understand the goal of Asian eyelid surgery and have years of experience working with patients of all sorts of Asian backgrounds including Chinese and Korean. Talk with us today about your procedure. Click here to give our office a call.